Beartaria Ozark Campground

The Dream Of Legends

Explore the Missouri Ozarks

Our Vision

Beartaria Ozark Campground has been given the exclusive offer to acquire 183.26 acres of pristine Missouri Ozark land! This property was the location of the 2022 and 2023 Beartaria Times National Festival, and we hope it will be for years to come!

The property is offered to us exclusively to fulfill our dream of making a beautiful Campground that can host events and productive workshops based around homesteading and homeschooling, as well as labor and architectural skills.

With your help we can acquire this property and begin construction as early as 2024 to further prepare for even more amenities and services by the time the 2024 Beartaria Times National Festival roles around.

Property Features

183 Acres Total
3 Springs
Deep Well
Red Barn
55 Hay Acres
9 Ponds
30 Wooded Acres
3/4 Mile Water Line
8 Frost Proof Hydrants

A Legendary Mission

What We Want To Do

Host Events

Host Workshops

Venue Rental 


Family Reunions

Have Good Times


Fitness Camps

– Workshop Ideas –
Butcher Courses • Agriculture Courses • Animal Husbandry • Construction & Trade Courses • Natural Building Courses • Seminars

Pictures from the 2022 Beartaria Times National Festival

Help us make the Beartaria Ozark Campground a reality!